Wireless Habitat is committed to improving the human habitat through the use of wireless communications. Our passion is to harness wireless technology to solve real-life problems and relieve the burden of tedious tasks at work, at home or on vacation.

Wireless Habitat offers independent consulting services in the fields of data communications and telecommunications, with focus on wireless and mobile technologies. Our team is composed entirely of highly experienced experts with extensive academic background and at least 20 years of experience. This unique position allows us to offer expert consulting in all aspects of the business – from definition of needs to specification of requirements, technology strategy, system analysis and delivery of complete solutions.

The world of wireless technologies has grown very wide during the last years, with different solutions for different needs. To name a few, these include WiFi, WiMAX, 3.5G HSPA, 4G LTE, ZigBee, MIMO, VoIP, RTLS, RFID and sensor technologies. Every business can improve various aspects of its operation by the use of some of these technologies. Wireless Habitat is here to help you understand how these technologies can help your business; to select the solutions that will bring substantial benefit; and to deploy them successfully.

E-mail: opher at wirelesshabitat.eu